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Terra Ultima Expeditions would be honored to guide you on our unique and customized overland expeditions through South America. Founder Jorge Valdes has spent his lifetime exploring the far reaches of the globe as a geologist, capturing its wonders as a published photographer and sharing its tastes and smells as a personal chef and wine connoisseur. Raised in Chile Jorge has became an expert on traveling his country, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru in a fashion that incorporates an adventurous spirit with an appreciation for the best in quality.

Join us for a truly, one-of-a-kind experiences of your lifetime. Allow yourself to transcend from seeing things as a tourist to actively participating as a world traveler in search of adventure. The Patagonia Expedition will take us into the most southern regions of the American Hemisphere. The Pantanal-Altiplano Expedition will allow us to explore the heart of South America.

We will travel in a fully equipped 2009, Land Rover Defender 110, the off-road classic designed for those who have a freedom of spirit and a mindset for adventure.

Remember: The Earth is your homeland. Give it the care and respect it deserves; learn about its environment and geography; spend time getting to know its people and their art, culture, history, and livelihoods. While you derive pleasure, knowledge, and understanding from your encounters, hold close the importance of preserving these treasures for those who may follow in your footsteps.

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Patagonia Expedition

“The land of Epic Landscapes”

Being located in the heart of Patagonia, at low altitude and close to the sea, Torres del Paine National Park possesses a microclimate with pleasant daytime average temperatures, which in summer (Dec-Mar) range from 12 ºC to 24 ºC and in winter (Jun-Sept) range from 2 ºC to 16 ºC.


The climate in El Chaltén is quite similar to Torres del Paine, though slightly colder. Throughout the year, the average daytime temperatures can range from 2 ºC to 23 ºC.


Just as in Chile as in Argentina, the weather in Patagonia is unpredictable. The winds can cause the four seasons of the year to appear to happen in one day.




What you will need


A level of health and fitness adequate for a journey which will include many treks at altitudes of between 2,500 and 4,700 meters (8,200 and 15,420 feet) and at temperatures which could drop as low as 0ºC (35ºF) during the day and -20ºC (-4ºF) at night.


It is necessary to have health and fitness suitable for a journey that takes place in difficult conditions where we can face situations of high altitude or large temperature fluctuations. A spirit of adventure, good humor and flexibility in the face of unforeseen events is also recommended.

Appropriate equipment, most importantly:

  • Trekking Shoes
  • Trekking Pants
  • Primary layer of clothing: thermal shirt, long and thick underwear, thick socks.
  • Second layer of clothing: polar fleece
  • Third layer of clothing: polar windbreaker
  • Fourth layer of clothing: down parka
  • Thick gloves and ideally a second pair of thin gloves
  • Brimmed hat to block the sun
  • Sunglasses with UV protection, ideally with lateral shielding
  • Sunblock (minimum SPF 30)
  • Small backpack for walking (20 to 30 liters)
  • Slippers or sneakers for relaxing





1. What kind of emergency medical services are there?



2. How can my friends and family contact me in case of emergency?


3. What is included in the program?



4. How many people go along on the travesía?


5. What documents do I need to bring?

A valid passport 



6. What kind of vehicles do we travel in during the travesía?

A Land Rover Defender 110, adapted for the travesía.



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Patagonia, by Wayne Bernhardson

Bolivia, Lonely Planet

Complete Survival Manual, by Michaels S. Sweeney




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Expedition Details / Itinerary-Map / Lodging / General Information


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